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functional masterbatch

colour masterbatch

filler masterbatch

Functional Masterbatch

dehydration additive (Desiccant MB)

PIB master batch

anti bacterial master batch

anti- blocking master batch

Color Masterbatch

black master batch

white master batch

Filler Masterbatch

talc master batch

barium sulfate master batch

sodium sulfate master batch

calcium carbonate master batch

Bio Material

bio degradable resin

Inorganic Filler Powder


Greenpoly Company: Catalog

We supply and export environmentally friendly plastic masterbatches:

Dehydration Additive: Remove moisture in plastic,act as plastic moisture absorbent and antifoam agent,one of desiccant masterbatches.

PIB Masterbatch: For LDPE/LLDPE stretch film,cling film,wrap film and shrink film,either film blowing or film casting.

Colour Masterbatch: Such as White Color Masterbatch,Black Color Masterbatch,mostly PE/PP grades.

Anti-Bacteria Compound: Used to control the build up of bacteria and fungi on surface of the plastic products.

Anti-Blocking Compound: Used to enhance slippng of film.

Calcium Carbonate Masterbatch/Compound: Widely used for opaque plastics.

Talc Masterbatch/Compound: Widely used for transparent HDPE film.

Barium Sulfate Masterbatch & Sodium Sulfate Masterbatch: Widely used for transparent LDPE/LLDPE/HDPE film,act as transparent filler compound.

We supply and export Inorganic Filler(powder): Such as CaCO3,CaO,NaSO4,BaSO4,Magnesium Silicate. Filler could be coated and activated by Steric Acid and Coupling Agent (such as Aluminate Coupling Agent, Silane Coupling Agent, Titanate Coupling Agent). Coating and activation modify physical property of filler.

We develop degradable plastics and compostable plastics: Such as biodegradable resin/polymer, "PE + starch" resin,photodegradable compound.

Petroleum oil is not regenerative resource, natural starch is regenerative resource, please join us to promote renewable and sustainable resource. Filler masterbatch reduces cost, saves petroleum resource and modifies physical property of plastics.

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master batch


master batch


master batch





dehydration additive (Desiccant MB)

PIB masterbatch

anti bacterial masterbatch

slipping masterbatch

black masterbatch

white masterbatch



talc masterbatch

barium sulphate masterbatch

sodium sulphate masterbatch

calcium carbonate masterbatch

biodegradable resin



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