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functional masterbatch

colour masterbatch

filler masterbatch

Functional Masterbatch

dehydration additive (Desiccant MB)

PIB master batch

anti bacterial master batch

Color Masterbatch

black master batch

white master batch

Filler Masterbatch

talc master batch

barium sulfate master batch

sodium sulfate master batch

calcium carbonate master batch

Bio Material

bio degradable resin

Inorganic Filler Powder


Antibacterial Masterbatch:

Used to control the build up of bacteria and fungi on surface of the plastic products.

  • Known as PE/PP/PS/PC/ABS masterbatch containing ZnO nanoparticles (average size of ZnO particles : around 30nm; concentration of ZnO: 7.84 Wt. %).In nano-scale,
  • ZnO particles produce the reactive oxygen species more than ZnO bulk and so higher antibacterial activity appears in ZnO nanoparticles.
  • The most frequently used approach to prepare antibacterial plastics is to include various organic or inorganic substances, such as tea extract, chitosan, copper, silver, zinc, etc. in polymer matrices. Nanoparticles of ZnO are being used industrially for modifications to plastics. A common feature is ZnO antibacterial activity. The antibacterial activity of ZnO has been demonstrated against human pathogenic bacteria, mainly E.Coli and S.aureus. In addition, ZnO is more environmentally friendly.



master batch


master batch


master batch





dehydration additive (Desiccant MB)

PIB masterbatch

anti bacterial masterbatch

black masterbatch

white masterbatch



talc masterbatch

barium sulphate masterbatch

sodium sulphate masterbatch

calcium carbonate masterbatch

biodegradable resin



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