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Filler Masterbatch

talc master batch

barium sulfate master batch

sodium sulfate master batch

calcium carbonate master batch

Functional Masterbatch

PIB master batch

dehydration additive

antibacterial master batch

Color Masterbatch

white master batch

black master batch

Bio Material

bio degradable resin

Inorganic Filler Powder



Establishment (year): 2005. Capability (ton/year): 6600 x 3.
Premises: 10000 m2 x 3. Facility: Automated production line.
Our talented team: Reliable, practical, professional, innovative and comprehensive.
Our quality control / policy: Detail oriented, no compromise, infinite betterment.
Our mission / goal: Be your accredited partner, create value for you.
Our principal: Do exactly as promised, not promise if we can not do.
Our service: 24hours/day + 7days/week, immediate response, prompt action.
Our product: Value-added, welcomed worldwide.
Our slogan: Your satisfaction is our satisfactory ultimate.
Our success derives from integrity, credibility and sincereness.
Our pride bases on thorough implementation and substantial know-how.
Our classic management performs efficient teamwork.

Choose Partner, Choose Us, Your Good Choice!


Twin-screw extruder: Produce masterbatch (pellet).
Film-blowing machine: Test masterbatch (dispersion).
Precision instrument: Measure ingredient and masterbatch.

Modern Facility, Assured Quality.


University research center: Coordinate with regular innovation.
Worker: Minimal 5-year reliable experience.
Technician: Minimal 5-year practical experience.
Supervisor: Minimal 10-year professional experience.
Manager: Minimal 15-year comprehensive experience.

Our wisdom is on all the way to meet your esteemed expectation.
Our innovative technology/formula/process never stops motion ahead


Quality Control (QC)

Automatic alarm system:
If not strictly operate as blending/coating process, then alarm loudly.
If not strictly operate as extruding/pelletizing process, then alarm loudly.
Production stops upon alarm sounding, thus normalize workers' operation.
Masterbatch (dispersion): Test by film-blowing machine.
Formula/process: Standardized without change unless improving trials proven definite success.
Precise instrument: Verify accurate data.

We believe in quality as vital as life.





master batch


master batch


master batch






talc masterbatch

barium sulphate masterbatch

sodium sulphate masterbatch

calcium carbonate masterbatch

white masterbatch

black masterbatch



PIB masterbatch

dehydration additive

antibacterial masterbatch


biodegradable resin



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