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Active ingredient: Moisture absorbent Adding ratio: 0.5-5% (weight basis).
MFI (g/10min): 4.50.5 Density (g/cm): 1.45/1.550.15
Validity: If expose pellet in open air, valid within 8-84hours.
Application: Absorb moisture. Film/bottle blowing, sheet/pipe extrusion, injection molding.
Pellet: Grey / off white, size molded through 6.5/4.5/3.5mm hole.
Benefits: Cancel drying process. No weight loss (Because H2O reacts with moisture absorbent, and generates to other substance).

Our desiccant masterbatch instead of your drying machine.

hard pellet soft pellet


Method 1: Non vacuum (25KG paper bag, 5KG PE bag). Additional bag used to achieve protective effect as vacuum.
Method 2: Vacuum (25KG paper bag, 5KG PA bag).
Method 3: Vacuum (20KG paper carton, 5KG PA bag).
Method 4: 1.5ton/pallet (15ton/20container).
Cost: Method 3 > Method 2 > Method 1, Method 4 > loose packing.
Quality and validity: No difference between vacuum and non vacuum.
Vacuum bag: Stone-like hardness with potential risk (leakage during conveyance).

paper carton wood pallet vacuum bag


Dispersion test:
Mix with base resin/additive, expose in workroom for preset hours.
Blow film consecutively.
Check filter-sieve mesh (No white residue).
Check film (No white spot).

Business is not lottery, we refuse dumping to win order. We insist on Quality Supreme, Price Moderate, Profit Bottom.
Keep away from unstable quality with unreasonable price. Otherwise you may experience as
picture shown here (filter-sieve mesh blocked):

block filter sieve mesh unmelt residue


Valid within 8-84hours if expose pellet in open air.
Shelf life within 6-12months after production date if well-packed.
Depend on weather and environment, reference value may change.
Use up the sooner the better.
After exposure in open air, start production the sooner the better.
If invalid (pellet becomes fully white from surface to center), then not use.

Immediately/tightly repack inner/outer bag after unpacking.
Warehouse in dry place with good ventilation, protect from sunlight/rain.
Not throw in heavy force. Not step up by foot.
Labor/forklifts loading/unloading/conveyance as gentle as possible.
Pallet with protective paperboard / without screw to pierce bag.

warehousing pellet exposure forklift


Method of use: Same as color masterbatch.
If mix materials by blender, then blender without heating-up. Resin/additive with dry surface before/during/after blending.
If dispense materials by dosing system, then resin/additive with dry surface before/during/after dispensing.
Adding ratio: Determine by moisture of resin, weather and environment.
Feature: Harmless, no toxin. Conform to SGS standard.

materials auto dosing sieve


Anti moisture masterbatch for elimination of the moisture in recycling PE/PP..., drying/dehumidifying additive/masterbatch for using in polycondensation polymers to obsolete the required drying process, besides nylon, it may be used in other hygroscopic polymers like PET. Namely plastics dessicant masterbatch, dessicant compound, dessicant additive, plastcs dessicants agent, dessicants composite.



master batch


master batch


master batch






talc masterbatch

barium sulphate masterbatch

sodium sulphate masterbatch

calcium carbonate masterbatch

white masterbatch

black masterbatch



PIB masterbatch

dehydration additive

antibacterial masterbatch


biodegradable resin



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