filler masterbatch

  PIB Masterbatch or Cling Agent

Filler Masterbatch

talc master batch

barium sulfate master batch

sodium sulfate master batch

calcium carbonate master batch

Functional Masterbatch

PIB master batch

dehydration additive

antibacterial master batch

Color Masterbatch

white master batch

black master batch

Bio Material

bio degradable resin

Inorganic Filler Powder


Enhance stickiness and viscosity of stretch film/cling film/wrap film/shrink film.

  • White pellet, good melting flow.
  • Application: LLDPE and/or LDPE self-adhesive stretch film, cling film, wrap film and shrink film (either film casting or film blowing).
  • While using PIB masterbatch, do not use LLDPE and/or LDPE containing anti-blocking agent and/or slipping agent. For multi-layer film, only 1-layer uses PIB masterbatch, the layer applying PIB masterbatch is always surface-layer, adding ratio determined by film thickness and which layer using PIB masterbatch. PIB effusion time: 24 hours.
  • Adding ratio recommended: 1-4% for film casting, 1-8% for film blowing, in some cases 0.5% is good enough.
  • Storage and packing: Keep in dry, cool and clean place with good ventilation, protect from sunlight, rain and do not damage the package.
  • Plastic PIB masterbatch named as PIB compound,PIB additive,PIB composite,cling masterbatch,cling agent,cling additive,clinging compound,PE tackifier,PE tackifying masterbatch with PIB (polyisobutylene),PE emulsified tackifying resin,adhesion promoter.







master batch


master batch


master batch






talc masterbatch

barium sulphate masterbatch

sodium sulphate masterbatch

calcium carbonate masterbatch

white masterbatch

black masterbatch



PIB masterbatch

dehydration additive

antibacterial masterbatch


biodegradable resin



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